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Hello and welcome to Nurture Your Energy! My name is Clare. As a qualified medical homeopath, Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner and Integrative women’s health practitioner, I will listen to you, track any imbalances in your energy and work with you to nurture your energy and vitality. 

I specialise in all aspects of women’s health from puberty to periods, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, to the menopause and beyond.

My qualifications are EEM-CLP (Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner), MF Hom, CMED Archetypal Consultant, MRCOG, MBChB, and BSc Hons Physiology and Sports Science. I also have experience in other modalities, such as Birthing Lightly with Pregnancy Yoga, Core Awareness, Visceral Manipulation, Natal Hypnotherapy, and the Tara Approach to Resolution of Trauma.

I have specialist expertise in women’s health. I welcome women and men of all ages who wish to nurture their energy, learn about self care and receive individualised treatments to suit their body’s needs.

I offer sessions, classes and workshops in Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine and face-to-face homeopathy consultations in the Nurture Integrated Health Clinic in Glasgow. 

I can help you:

If you wish to work in partnership with me by agreeing to regular self care between
treatments and:

  • If you have symptoms of  PMS / menopause and wish to avoid conventional methods of hormonal treatment
  • If you wish help with fertility
  • If you have period problems and / or pelvic pain
  • If you have nutritional or digestive problems
  • If you suffer from allergies or a skin complaint
  • If you are tired all the time
  • If you are “just stressed out”
  • If you suffer from chronic pain
  • If your doctor has told you that you have an “irritable” bowel or “unstable” bladder
  • If you are just curious about energy medicine
  • If you would like to try homeopathy
  • If you are interested in experiencing the TARA Approach


  • If you wish to be more effective, vital and creative
  • If you wish to promote wellness, performance and joyful living

Testimonials from clients

“Just to say a thumbs up for Eden Energy. For 9 months I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome following ‘flu. This prevented me from doing most activities and I was getting pretty depressed and isolated. To my amazement I found Clare at Nurture in Glasgow. Following my first treatment, I recognised that my body was probably healing. After the second treatment the CFS was gone.”
– Anonymous

“Clare is caring, sensitive, intuitive and attentive and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

“Thanks Clare for giving me my health and my life back.”
Anne, Lanarkshire


“I just wanted to say that both remedies helped a lot. Thank you for your great help and an amazing session.”
Marion, Glasgow


“Amazing process administered by an amazing woman.”
Fiona, Glasgow


“Amazing therapy ~ beautiful and yet transformational.”
Anonymous, Glasgow

Clare Willocks

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