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Homeopathy is a system of energy medicine which also assists the natural tendencies of the body to heal itself. It recognises that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of dis-harmony within the whole person, and it is the person who needs treatment, not the disease.

Homeopathy treats like with like; by listening to you attentively, I will recommend a minute dose of a substance which match your symptoms as you experience them. The medicine in the minute dose will stimulate the body’s own healing power to assist your own system to clear itself of any symptoms of imbalance. This approach takes account of you as a person and your individual characteristics. That same substance in large doses would actually cause the symptoms you are complaining of.

The system of “like cures like” is in contrast to allopathic (conventional) medicine which uses the “law of opposites”, suppressing the symptoms of dis-ease (which are seen in homeopathy as the body’s alarm system telling us it is out of balance). The symptoms will go, and in many cases you may feel better but the drug prescribed may cause side effects or addiction, or the underlying imbalance may not be addressed, unless by other methods.

Homeopathic medicines, properly prescribed, are safe and can be given to pregnant women, babies and children.

Testimonials from clients
“I just wanted to say that both remedies helped a lot. Thank you for your great help and an amazing session.”
Marion, Glasgow


“Amazing therapy ~ beautiful and yet transformational.”
Anonymous, Glasgow
“Clare is caring, sensitive, intuitive and attentive and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Clare Willocks

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