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TARA Approach for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma
The TARA Approach Tools for Awakening Resources and Awareness – is a system of healing, created by neuropsychologist Dr. Stephanie Mines, that incorporates Western neuropsychological and traditional Jin Shin Jyutsu energy medicine. Jin Shin uses the oriental system of five elements. By listening to the Pulse as a tool of diagnosis the Jin Shin practitioner finds the imbalance for which  a particular flow is required. There are 26 Jin Shin points on the body (sacred sites) correlating to the Extraordinary Meridians (Radiant Circuit / “Rivers of Splendour”) which represent the deepest level of the origin of shock and trauma in our systems. The TARA Approach integrates Jin Shin pulse diagnosis and flows with attuned language and understanding of the physiological and neurological impacts of shock and trauma. This brings deeply rooted habits (which no longer serve us) to our consciousness and restores our capacity to cope with overwhelming experiences.

Recent neuroscience shows that our brains respond to our environment and the experiences of our mothers from the point of our conception. The Extraordinary Meridians relate to our very earliest development. The template of the nervous system, our buffer against stress throughout life, is in place by our second week in utero. Mothers and families can learn to promote development of a healthy nervous system at conception. When there are complications or trauma during pregnancy, birth, or when post-partum depression occurs, the TARA Approach gives the mother, baby, father, and the rest of the family the opportunity to resolve and heal from these experiences so that they are not conditioned to go into automatic overwhelm with any subsequent stressors in life.

Ending Traumatic Repetition in Families
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I have experience in TARA Approach but I am not offering sessions in this modality at this time.

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